Special Training with English Guest



Beside last year’s many cancelled tournaments, most of our traditional Karate events have also been cancelled. Our trip to Belgium for the Dan-Grading as well as the visit to London had to be postponed. Many of us were missing the occasional highlight, we could look forward to.



Luckily, we are members in the international Karate association “Seiwakai”, through which we developed a close friendship with the London based Karate club “Seiwakai East London”. Even though we could not visit each other, there is still this desire to train and share knowledge with each other. That’s why Vivienne Kiss, a coach in Amtsberg and the club president of the Goju-Kai Kemtau, decided to organise an online training session with the club from London. The session was open and free for every member of the two clubs from Amtsberg and Kemtau.


Over the course of two hours we trained and sweat under Indran Tanabalan, 5th Dan Seiwakai. Tanabalan taught about the fighting principles in kumite, always in Coordination with the topics of everyday practice. Since the session was set out to be practice for our black belts, the participants needed a fair bit of understanding in the ways of Karate. Despite the higher level, many non-black belts managed to recognize principles from and connections to their usual training – not least thanks to Tanabalans great teaching.



This session was a great change of pace and a true highlight for our members. As usual the time with Tanabalan passed way too quickly. That’s why we’re sure to repeat an event like this in the future.